The trade and services sector is developing quickly and goods are often manufactured in one country and sold in another. New technology provides new possibilities and increased competition, leading to the need for improved efficiency and services. At the same time, consumer demands for brands, quality and service at reasonable prices is increasing.

M & M Arbitrators has been working with trade issues for many years and has significant experience with all types of legal issues tied to the industry. New types of logistics and marketing pose legal questions and require knowledge of the legislation of multiple countries. Our expertise includes all legal aspects, such as:

  • Selection of channels of distribution
  • Production and purchase of goods
  • Import and export
  • Selection of transportation
  • ┬áCompetition legislation
  • Employment law
  • Trade mark law
  • Tax law
  • International law

We have specialist expertise in sales to end customers, including in product safety, marketing law, and consumer protection.