Regulatory Affairs

We provide extensive advice on the regulations governing the maritime sector, including MARPOL, SOLAS, MLC, and Hague-Visby Rules. Recently, we have been very active in advising on international trade regulations and sanctions, on international levels, and we regularly co-ordinate advice from other jurisdictions, such as the EU , United States, China , Russia , South Korea, Bermuda, Singapore and Switzerland.

We also provide specialty transactional and regulatory advice, including:

  • The requirements and applications for authorization by local companies and branches of overseas companies, and pass porting in the EEA, both on an establishment and services basis.
  • Whether derivatives transactions, guarantee and indemnification arrangements constitute insurance contracts and their regulatory treatment.
  • Restructuring, including insolvency, solvent schemes of arrangement and insurance business (portfolio or Part VII) transfers.
  • Competition law, including the review of the international exemption for the International Group Agreement and the country specific Commission’s sector inquiry into business insurance.
  • Appointed representative, multiple principal and terms of business agreements , underwriting agency, third party administration and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Letters of credit and other forms of security.