Maritime and transportation law

Our shipping lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have over 90 lawyers & associates and Master Mariners worldwide, specializing in maritime law, reflecting our long involvement in this field. Our maritime lawyers have a sound understanding of how the market works across dry shipping, admiralty and crisis management. We represent the full spectrum of those involved in the industry, including ship-owners and charterers, P&I Clubs, banks, international agencies, shipyards, marine insurance and underwriters,  governments and brokers.

Dry shipping

The firm has one of the largest practices in this area and transport work. The cases we handle include charter parties, bills of lading, other carriage contracts, shipbuilding and construction contracts, employment and personal injury, insurance and risk management, trading (physical and financial freight). Our marine insurance lawyers are recognized worldwide in this field.

Ship and Offshore Finance

We have a worldwide associates for ship finance  which are acting for ship finance from banks for  the wide range of owners, operators and other investors across all areas of the shipping and offshore sectors. Our work includes advising on all forms of finance including leasing , export credit financing, seller’s credits, derivatives and other credit enhancement products, bond issues and other forms of capital raising.

We are recently  working with a number of the world’s leading ship finance banks and owners on matters in relation to, in particular, loan agreements, loan restructuring and work-outs, loan (including ship mortgage) enforcement and insolvency issues.

Transactions and Regulation

We provide the full range of transactional services required by clients in the shipping and offshore sectors such as:

  • Capital raising (debt and equity)
  • Sales, mergers and acquisitions of shipping companies
  • Shipping funds (both offshore and onshore)
  • Private equity transactions in the shipping sector
  • Re-organisations and restructurings
  • Advising on corporate governance issues
  • Advising on second-hand sale and purchase of vessels
  • Shipbuilding contracts
  • Ship recycling
  • Ship registration
  • Charter parties
  • Pooling and management agreements
  • All forms of joint venture agreements and strategic partnerships, including between shipping companies.

Regulatory Affairs

We provide extensive advice on the regulations governing the maritime sector, including MARPOL, SOLAS, MLC, and Hague-Visby Rules. Recently, we have been very active in advising on international trade regulations and sanctions, on international levels, and we regularly co-ordinate advice from other jurisdictions, such as the EU , United States, China , Russia , South Korea, Bermuda, Singapore and Switzerland.

We also provide specialty transactional and regulatory advice, including:

  • The requirements and applications for authorization by local companies and branches of overseas companies, and pass porting in the EEA, both on an establishment and services basis.
  • Whether derivatives transactions, guarantee and indemnification arrangements constitute insurance contracts and their regulatory treatment.
  • Restructuring, including insolvency, solvent schemes of arrangement and insurance business (portfolio or Part VII) transfers.
  • Competition law, including the review of the international exemption for the International Group Agreement and the country specific Commission’s sector inquiry into business insurance.
  • Appointed representative, multiple principal and terms of business agreements , underwriting agency, third party administration and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Letters of credit and other forms of security.

Commercial Shipping Agreements and Charter Parties

Commercial agreements are essential to anyone engaged in national and international trade. A stable contractual agreement is essential to success and reaching goals. Shortcomings in the agreements often lead to increased work, disputes between the parties, and reduced profitability.

We at M & M Law Firm provides the full support and expert advice to all shipping contracts like BIMCO Charter Parties , vetting of the Shipping contracts , Broker’s agreements , Time cahrter Agreements , vetting of the Fixture notes etc .While working with M&M Law Firm, our clients gain access to clear and proactive legal advice which leads to fewer business risks and increased business advantages. M & M Law Firm helps clients to review, draft, and negotiate commercial agreements, and also assist with the drafting of comprehensive contract structures and daily business law advice.

M&M Law Firm has in-depth skills and experience with all forms of commercial agreements, including:

  • Agency terms and conditions
  • Charter party Agreements
  • Stevedoring agreements
  • Time Charter Agreements
  • Bare Boat agreements
  • Port Agreements
  • Broker’s agreement
  • Distribution terms and conditions
  • Delivery terms and conditions
  • Purchasing terms and conditions
  • IT terms and conditions
  • Cooperation terms and conditions
  • General terms and conditions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Development agreements
  • P & I Clubs
  • Survey Agreements
  • Insurance Agreements

Dispute resolution

  • A dispute often gives stress and drains energy from a business and has a negative effect on actual business activities. In many cases, correctly handling a potential conflict in the initial stages is often the route to a speedier solution and, as a result, less of an impact on the business.
  • M&M Law Firm focuses on dispute resolution which solves the client’s problem, meaning that we assume overall responsibility for the dispute – from inception through resolution. This way, our clients can focus on their day-to-day business.
  • Our dispute resolution works in tailor-made forms which, when necessary, take advantage of the firm’s collective specialization and industry knowledge within, for example, construction law, intellectual property law, tax law, employment law, and maritime and transportation law.
  • We also have experts & lawyers with many years of experience as arbitrators, as well as several certified mediators who also assist with alternative dispute resolution, either as representative of a party, or as arbitrators or mediators.


Our clients include major national and international Shipping, Trading, Export & Import Construction, IT and Manufacturing companies. We represent them in disputes before courts of general jurisdiction and arbitrary tribunals, the latter often within the parameters of the regulations of international arbitration institutes.

Accidents and Crew Injury

We have a strong Personal Injury practice. The practice developed as a result of our expertise in shipping and the injuries suffered by crew, passengers and stevedores. Whilst this still remains at the core of our practice, we have also built up a strong reputation in dealing with accidents across many of our other core sectors.

The team has handled variety of instructions from high-profile clients across the marine sector, including underwriters and their insured, ship owners and their agents, cruise and ferry operators, shore-based logistics providers, and oil and gas companies.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge in their field ensures they are able to deal with all aspects of an accident. Our particular expertise includes:

  • Accidents at sea
  • The impact of accidents on crews
  • Injuries sustained in the energy industry
  • Injuries sustained when transporting or travelling
  • Claims arising out of port work
  • Occupational disease
  • Accident investigation
  • Assessment of liability
  • Assessment of quantum

At all times our aim is to protect our clients’ interests by reacting quickly to accidents.

Within the field of maritime and transportation law, several other areas of law are included, such as contract law, sales of goods, tort law, insurance law, and dispute resolution. In addition, there are extensive provisions of a regulatory nature, and employment law, competition law, and tax law issues are always present.

M & M Law Firm has long been a full-service firm within maritime and transportation law and the lawyers in the group are assisted, when necessary, by the firm’s experts in other legal areas in order to optimize the advice to our clients.

We have significant experience and expertise assisting our clients in respect of issues including, among others:

  • Insurance matters
  • Purchase and sale of vessels
  • New building contracts
  • Financing
  • General average
  • Collisions
  • Transportation agreements (including charter parties)
  • Cargo damage
  • Personal injury
  • Environmental damage

The lawyers in the maritime and transportation group have particular  experience with both judicial and arbitral disputes related to all types of cargo claims, insurance issues, collisions and transportation agreements.