Dispute resolution

  • A dispute often gives stress and drains energy from a business and has a negative effect on actual business activities. In many cases, correctly handling a potential conflict in the initial stages is often the route to a speedier solution and, as a result, less of an impact on the business.
  • M&M Arbitrators focuses on dispute resolution which solves the client’s problem, meaning that we assume overall responsibility for the dispute – from inception through resolution. This way, our clients can focus on their day-to-day business.
  • Our dispute resolution works in tailor-made forms which, when necessary, take advantage of the firm’s collective specialization and industry knowledge within, for example, construction law, intellectual property law, tax law, employment law, and maritime and transportation law.
  • We also have experts & lawyers with many years of experience as arbitrators, as well as several certified mediators who also assist with alternative dispute resolution, either as representative of a party, or as arbitrators or mediators.