Commercial Shipping Agreements and Charter Parties

Commercial agreements are essential to anyone engaged in national and international trade. A stable contractual agreement is essential to success and reaching goals. Shortcomings in the agreements often lead to increased work, disputes between the parties, and reduced profitability.

We at M & M Arbitrators provides the full support and expert advice to all shipping contracts like BIMCO Charter Parties, vetting of the Shipping contracts , Broker’s agreements , Time charter Agreements , vetting of the Fixture notes etc .While working with M&M Arbitrators, our clients gain access to clear and proactive legal advice which leads to fewer business risks and increased business advantages. M & M Arbitrators helps clients to review, draft, and negotiate commercial agreements, and also assist with the drafting of comprehensive contract structures and daily business law advice.

M&M Arbitrators has in-depth skills and experience with all forms of commercial agreements, including:

  • Agency terms and conditions
  • Charter party Agreements
  • Stevedoring agreements
  • Time Charter Agreements
  • Bare Boat agreements
  • Port Agreements
  • Broker’s agreement
  • Distribution terms and conditions
  • Delivery terms and conditions
  • Purchasing terms and conditions
  • IT terms and conditions
  • Cooperation terms and conditions
  • General terms and conditions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Development agreements
  • P & I Clubs
  • Survey Agreements
  • Insurance Agreements